First Aid Symposium at the Faculty of Science

First aid symposium at the Faculty of Science The Faculty of Science in Sohag organized an educational and awareness symposium for the employees of the Faculty of Science entitled “First Aid”, under the patronage of Prof/ Mustafa Abdel-Khaleq, President of the University, Prof/Hazem, Dean of the College, and Prof/ Alaa Yousry, Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs The seminar was attended by Dr/Ahmed Ali Ismail, اقراء المزيد

ورشة عمل بعنوان تحليل نتائج الاختبارات

نظمت وحدة القياس والتقويم – كلية العلوم – جامعة سوهاج ورشة عمل بعنوان “تحليل نتائج اختبارات المقررات الدراسية وتقديم المؤشرات الاحصائية لجودة الاختبار” والتي عقدت يوم الأربعاء الموافق 15/12/2021 وقامت سعادة الدكتورة / ناديه محمد على – أستاذ مساعد بكلية التمريض بالتعاون مع مركز القياس والتقويم برئاسة الأستاذ الدكتور/ صبري باسط – مدير مركز القياس والتقويم بالجامعة بحضور كلا من سعادة الاستاذ الدكتور/ حازم المشنب اقراء المزيد

The event of the Award Ceremony for Sports Competitions and Tournaments

The Department of Sports Activity under the patronage of youth organized a ceremony to distribute prizes for sports competitions and tournaments, which it held during the first academic year 2021/2022 like (football – volleyball – table tennis for male and female students – Festival of various games) in the presence of Dean Prof/Hazem Al-Mashnab and Dr/Mahmoud Abdel-Alim, General Coordinator of Student Activities, and Ms/ Randa, اقراء المزيد

The event of the various games’ festival for College Students

The Youth Care Department (Sports Activity Department) organized a festival of various games for college students in (ball control – volleyball – archery- arm strength – table tennis) for the academic year / in front of the college building in the presence of the professor / dean of the college and Dr / Mahmoud Abdel-Alim General Coordinator of Student Activities and Sports Specialist and Director اقراء المزيد

The event of the workshop “List of Credit Hours and the Role of Academic Advising for Students”

A workshop entitled “List of Credit Hours and the Role of Academic Advising for Students” was held under the supervision of the Quality Unit Prof/ Tariq Taha Ahmed, Director of the Academic Guidance Unit, attended on Saturday, 13/11/2021 at (10) in the morning at the University’s Conference Hall for first and second level students (credit hours list), this workshop is considered among the requirements “Teaching اقراء المزيد