The event of the Award Ceremony for Sports Competitions and Tournaments

The Department of Sports Activity under the patronage of youth organized a ceremony to distribute prizes for sports competitions and tournaments, which it held during the first academic year 2021/2022 like (football – volleyball – table tennis for male and female students – Festival of various games) in the presence of Dean Prof/Hazem Al-Mashnab and Dr/Mahmoud Abdel-Alim, General Coordinator of Student Activities, and Ms/ Randa, اقراء المزيد

The event of the various games’ festival for College Students

The Youth Care Department (Sports Activity Department) organized a festival of various games for college students in (ball control – volleyball – archery- arm strength – table tennis) for the academic year / in front of the college building in the presence of the professor / dean of the college and Dr / Mahmoud Abdel-Alim General Coordinator of Student Activities and Sports Specialist and Director اقراء المزيد